Norodd Motorsport

På rallytur?
Rally cafè directly by RV 20 (between Haslemoen and Elverum)

Only 6 kms (4 miles) from the start of stage 9/18, and only 6 kms from the Nøttåsen spectator area on the same stage. Excellent parking facilities including buses.

Prior to or after a long day in the woods spectating the WRC event, you might feel the need for a bite to eat or simply a cup of coffee and a rest.

The Rally cafè at Heradstun of Heradsbygd will be open between 06.00 and 24.00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the WRC event.

The cafè sells lunch packs and fills/refills of coffee, tea and hot chocolate for you to bring directly to the stages.
In addition you can get hot-dogs, hamburgers, hot stew, sodas and beer + more.

From 12.00 each day dinner is served, also with wine if you prefer it.

During the entire event the cafè will show TV-broadcasts from the rally on a big screen, as well as other films related to other rally-events.

The RALLYPUB will be open on Saturday from 21.00 until 01.30. The pub has all rights (alcohol) and LIVE music.

You can find us here:

By driving on road 20 between Haslemoen and Elverum you cant avoid to see us!

GPS point: N60 49.290 E11 38.458

You can download our flyer her (pdf)
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NM stillingen:

1. S. Bieltvedt (164)
2. P. Økseter (123)
3. T. Svenkerud(107)
4. C. Andresen (107)
5. J I. Bakken (101)


1. S. Bieltvedt (53)
2. T. Svenkerud(42)
2. J.I Bakken (40)
4. P. Økseter (39)
5. P. Rolfsen (22)

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